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Robot Multi ERM

mulit ermER-095000EROWA Robot Multi
ERM S-14


Work piece and electrode handling


Milling; EDM; Wire-EDM and other technologies

Connection to CNC

Serial; M-Function; Parallel I/O bit

Workpiece Identification

EWIS(TM) Rapid

Technical data
Transfer weight: 80 kg
Axis travel X: 1200 mm (to the left and the right!)
Axis travel Z: 1450 mm
Turning range: 190°
Voltage: 3x400 V+PE
Pneumatics: 200 l/min with 5 bar minimal

Magazine configuration
Maximum possible magazine levels 12
ITS 50/72:      30 pos. per level
ITS 115/148: 15 pos. per level
PC210:          10 pos. per level
UPC:                5 pos. per level