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This machine is crafted to settle in any environment and easy to start & use the operation. The adaptability of Rex enables it to work over many materials with promptness and precision. REX outperforms with its high-speed engraving and marking operations. Be it large factories, medium enterprises or small-scale unit, our supreme laser marking machine Rex is the perfect match for all of them.  Rex is equipped with Intuitive and user-friendly software. REX is can perform numerous applications such as Marking serial number, text, barcode, logo, circular, etc. Specialist for medical technology With the REX Marking, you can mark implants and surgical instruments in a corrosion-resistant way.

Para matrix & Para Vault

Para matrix helps in determining the best laser marking result on any given material. In this , the operator evaluates the Para matrix and selects the best one. Then laser parameters are fetched by the software for that particular option. This feature helps even those who have a very less knowledge about laser marking machine operation. A virtual vault is created for storing the best laser marking parameters of previously marked materials.


Adjustable Height

Being an industrial machine accommodating critical components with varying sizes, the focal point of Laser can be precisely adjusted with the up and down movement of the bed.

Intuitive & High Performance Software For Laser Marking

High Performance software application  that extends a smooth and a fully automatic  production flow. Rex’s  application are versatile, adaptable & easy to handle, our user interfaces  for engraving & marking,  which features operations,  that are user friendly, flexible & traceable.


Efficiency at Best

REX is marking machine that portrays supreme execution on many types of objects and metal. It is designed to be very fast. With its technology, the content can be fast tracked and carved It consumes considerably less energy than even regular refrigerators.. Even though it consumes less energy, this laser marking system delivers the best result and thus proving itself efficient in class

REX Matrix

Rex height adjustment