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PreSet 3D Station

PreSet 3DPreSet 3D manual

ER-040500EROWA PreSet 3D MAN EOS 5-4-4
EOS 5-4-4


Presetting station for workpieces and electrodes. Borehole pattern in table prepared for EROWA tooling systems.


Set-up, presetting and measuring of electrodes and workpieces.

Technical Data 
X axis travel: 400 mm
Y axis travel: 500 mm
Z axis travel: 450 mm
Max. height between table and probe holder (without probe): 515 mm
Measuring accuracy: M = 0.0025 + 0.003 x L

Machine Dimensions
Hight: 2450 mm
Floorspace: 920 x 920 mm
Max load: 130 kg
Max. probe weight: 1.2 kg
Machine weight (without load): 255 kg


Operating manual


PreSet 3D CNC

ER-029500EROWA PreSet 3D CNC


CNC controlled measuring machine with boreholes in table. Prepared for various EROWA tooling systems.


Measuring and presetting of electrodes and workpieces. With the motorized axis and the CNC control, checking of large quantities of electrodes is facilitated.

Technical Data
Range, X-axis: 650 mm
Range, Y-axis: 700 mm
Range, Z-axis: 500 mm
Maximum distance between table and probe holder (without probe): 543 mm
Resolution of scales: 0.0005 mm
Measuring accuracy: M=0.003+0.0035xL

Machine dimensions 
Hight: 2525 mm
Surface: 1160x1380 mm
Max. workpiece load: 650 kg
Max. probe weight: 1.2 kg
Machine weight (without load) 760 kg