Water Treatment Equipment

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  • OMAX Chiller System
    For utmost efficiency and high performance constancy in your abrasive waterjet system, delivering uniform cool water to your pump is critical. The air-cooled OMAX Chiller optimally supplies inlet water at a consistent temperature, which extends pump seal life for longer, more sustainable production...
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  • OMAX Closed Loop System
    A metalworking filtration solution designed for industrial use on OMAX JetMachining Centers. Features High-pressure feed water polishing system, complete with stainless steel bag pre-filter Hurricane cartridge filter vessel Deionizing (DI) vessel for TDS control 1 HP (0.7 kW) centrifu..
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  • OMAX Laminar Filter
    This settling tank efficiently cleans overflow water from the Catcher Tank for required recycling through an EBBCO Closed Loop System or for sanitary disposal down the drain. When water enters the OMAX Laminar Filter, an ideal gravitational filtering cycle begins in the unit. The accessory contai..
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  • OMAX Reverse Osmosis System
    What is Reverse Osmosis? To understand reverse osmosis, you must first understand osmosis. During natural osmosis, water flows from a less concentrated solution through a semipermeable membrane to a more concentrated saline solution until concentrations on both sides of the membrane are equal. R..
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  • OMAX Variable Speed Solids Removal System
    The programmable variable speed system provides precise control over garnet evacuation rate, direction, and duration to efficiently remove garnet from the waterjet Catcher Tank. The Variable Speed Solids Removal System (VS-SRS) gives the operator the ability to program flow rate and direction. Th..
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