Nozzle & Y-Carriage Accessories

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  • OMAX Collision Sensing Terrain Follower
    The OMAX® Collision Sensing Terrain Follower allows a JetMachining® Center to automatically and accurately cut parts from materials with irregular or warped surfaces without the need for special programming. The Terrain Follower attaches directly to the machine's Z-axis. Changes in a material's h..
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  • OMAX Drill Head
    Achieve reliable piercing of composites and laminates with an OMAX-Engineered pneumatic drill specifically designed for the waterjet environment. Solely customized for OMAX machining, the robust Drill Head permits repeatable piercing of laminates and composites prior to abrasive waterjet cutting ..
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  • OMAX Laser Feature Finder
    The Laser Feature Finder helps to perform simple dry runs with this laser attached to the nozzle before you cut parts on valuable stock. Features Easily attachable to all OMAX JetMachining Centers Includes a polarized lens to adjust the diameter of the laser dot to focus on any size mater..
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  • OMAX Precision Optical Locator
    The Precision Optical Locator (POL) facilitates precision JetMachining of pre-machined components, such as die stripper plates. The POL is designed to let you accurately place parts on the OMAX for secondary machining operations. You can place the parts in any orientation, and the software will auto..
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  • OMAX Tilt-A-Jet
    "I advertise having the Tilt-A-Jet for cutting tight tolerance; however, when quoting a specific project I can use it as my secret weapon to meet my customer's accuracy guidelines. This allows me to produce taper free parts." Ed Wenz MarZee Waterjet Services Phoenix, AZ   The Tilt-A-..
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