Multi-Axis Cutting

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  • MAXIEM A-Jet
    Cut accurate bevelled edges at angles selected by the user. The A-Jet is a complete software-controlled, multi-axis accessory permitting the flexibility to cut severe angles to a maximum of 60° off the vertical. The A-Jet cuts countersunk holes and jigsaw puzzle-type pieces with bevelled edges. The ..
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  • MAXIEM Manual/Adjustable Tilt Nozzle
    Increase your flexibility with fixed-angle cutting from 0 to 45°. The Manual Adjustable Tilt Nozzle is manually adjusted to tilt at a fixed angle from 0 to 45°, which allows cutting in one direction on a product. This accessory is a bolt-on attachment that mounts to the Motorized Z-Axis of an MAXIEM..
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  • MAXIEM Motorized Z-Axis
    The electrically operated Motorized Z-Axis is installed on all MAXIEM systems and provides precise nozzle positioning. Some of the standard features include: 8 3/4" travel in Z direction, controller pre-programmable, automatic stand-off distance to insure proper nozzle height off of work piece, jog ..
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  • MAXIEM Terrain Follower/A-Jet
    The Terrain Follower/A-Jet allows a JetCutting Center to automatically cut parts from materials with irregular or warped surfaces without the need for special programming. The Terrain Follower attaches directly to the A-Jet. Changes in a material's height are detected and the nozzle automatically ma..
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