Nozzle & Y-Carriage Accessories

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  • MAXIEM Collision Sensing Terrain Follower
    The Collision Sensing Terrain Follower allows a JetCutting Center to automatically and accurately cut parts from materials with irregular or warped surfaces without the need for special programming. The Terrain Follower attaches directly to the machine's Z-Axis. Changes in a material's height are de..
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  • MAXIEM Drill Head
    Customized specifically for waterjet machining, the rugged MAXIEM Drill Head permits repeatable piercing of laminates and composites prior to abrasive waterjet cutting and accurately pierces small diameter holes in thick material. No programming is required. The MAXIEM-engineered pneumatic drill is ..
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  • MAXIEM Laser Feature Finder
    The Laser Feature Finder performs simple dry runs with a laser attached to the nozzle before you cut parts on valuable stock. Get a rough visual reference of where your jet stream will begin cutting by locating material features without specific software. The accessory projects a laser dot within ±0..
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