Tank Enhancements

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  • MAXIEM Bulk Abrasive Delivery System
    The Bulk Abrasive Delivery System is manufactured to the standards of ASME code or CE marking status. The tank can be pressurized to 125 psi (0.86 MPa) and can be located up to 20 feet away from your MAXIEM JetCutting Center. The system uses compressed air to automatically transport garnet from the ..
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  • MAXIEM Catcher Tank Armor Plating
    This option helps protect the Catcher Tank bottom from the nozzle jet stream, and is recommended on DualPUMP Systems to keep your tank from getting holes in the bottom of your tank. ..
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  • MAXIEM DuroBrick Waterjet Brick
    The most durable waterjet brick available DuroPro™ Polypropylene material will not separate like laminated versions, allowing for more cuts and greater savings Easily drains water away from the cutting area, reducing splashback Unique design creates an even, flat cutting surface that preve..
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  • MAXIEM Material Holding Kit
    Secure material in place as you accurately cut parts on your abrasive waterjet. Designed specifically for the size of your MAXIEM machine, each Material Holding Kit includes track assemblies and vertical load clamping arms. The kit mounts into the waterjet slat bed with two X-axis tracks, two Y-axis..
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  • MAXIEM Scissor Plumbing
    The Scissor Plumbing Retrofit Kits replace the current whip-style plumbing systems. Customers must have a shop ceiling height of at least 10 feet to accommodate the scissor plumbing. DualPUMP Packages require scissor plumbing installed on the MAXIEM. ..
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  • MAXIEM Splash Shield Kit
    The Splash Shield Kit surrounds the front, sides, and back of tank to guard operators against overspray resulting from abrasivejet process. ..
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