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  • MAXIEM MaxJet 5 Cutting Nozzle
    Designed for use with the MAXIEM JetCutting Center, the MAXJET 5 features an orifice with a robust design. The resulting high-density jet is tightly defined to produce a small kerf with minimal frosting, surface striations and taper on the material. Sturdy and accurate, the MAXJET 5 orifice is desig..
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  • MAXIEM MaxJet 5 Minijet Nozzle
    The MAXJET 5 MiniJet Nozzle is designed for abrasive waterjet cutting applications requiring a narrower or more exact cut width. It is ideal for producing parts with detailed shapes or taper on the material. The MiniJet Nozzle is also well-suited to cutting thin, delicate material. Benefits ..
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  • MAXIEM MAXJET 5i Nozzle
    The MAXJET 5i Waterjet Nozzle is a factory-aligned, long-life diamond integrated nozzle designed for rugged durability and convenience. High quality nozzle components includes mixing chamber, carbide disc, and diamond orifice integrated and aligned within the nozzle body. Benefits Complete ..
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  • MAXIEM MAXJET5 Water Only Nozzle
    Used in cutting applications not requiring abrasive (rubber, wood, cloth, etc.). The nozzle mixing tube is eliminated and the orifice is placed closer to the work piece. ..
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  • MAXIEM MAXJET5i Mini Nozzle
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