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Future X

Future X

The Future X a new generation High Power 2D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for high precision sheet metal cutting, as the name suggests, its high on its factor X, With its matchless instinctive reflexes. Future X model is equipped with Dynamic Edge Control and a linear motor drive with rigid gantry structure enabling 3G acceleration. The cost-effective system with up to 10 kW fiber laser brilliantly cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, coated and textured metal sheets. Backed with dynamic edge control future X model is ultra efficient, marvelously effective and Its high performance makes it must for your manufacturing unit.

Profound productivity

Future X is equipped with High-end 64 bit CNC controller along with an user-friendly operating interface. This magnificent controller responds within nanoseconds which makes the machine super responsive.  The laser starts at a predetermined point, and continues along the course of the line until the shape has been cut out. Not only this, but also the  Linear Motor Drive built with robust gantry structure enables 3G acceleration and thus increases productivity by saving time and executes precision finish.


Auto sheet Orientation

Future X has a smart function which allows to automatically sense the orientation of sheet, and then make the necessary adjustments in the program itself which allows in minimizing operator errors. This not only helps in increasing the flexible operations but also increases the productivity with minimum time duration.


Focus on Safety

Though the laser machine utilizes the powerful laser, yet it is designed with supreme safety standards that enables secure execution across the facilities. Safety has been enhanced in this system with light curtains, hermetically sealed cabinet (lp55), door interlocks. Laser safety windows keeps the laser radiation intact inside the machine while the marking processes.

Dynamic Edge Control

A laser, when properly focused and set for a material, cuts a part with an edge with a mirror-like surface, the top edge remains square, and the bottom edge is smooth to the touch. Dynamic edges control (DEC) that decreases inflammation and color on the power sides of the synchronized laser with axial motion through the system. The cutting system operates laser power with the axis speed via dynamic edge control (DEC) mechanism which reduces burn and striation at the edges.


Process difficult sections precisely

The system with up to 10 KW fiber laser brilliantly cuts on Thin To Thick metal components like mild steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, coated and textured metal sheets, with high Speed, high Precision and can achieve faster cutting speeds. Precise laser cutting can be achieved with  Future X which provides complete control over the laser source. This allows the machine to cut even the complicated profiles or contours precisely.


2D Cutting Head

With 2-axis cutting head, high-end cutting technology, height sensor and anti-tension feature, the fiber laser cutting machine guarantees well crafted outputs.

Cutting Head