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ENZO is a flexible and robust laser welding system. The system is developed to perform complex welding applications with utmost efficiency and productivity. ENZO is equipped with advanced laser hardware and software to conduct critical operations with precision for electrical, thin metal processing, medical, jewelry, and tool & mold construction industries.

Large Display with Backlighting

Clear presentation of all adjustable parameters in user view. Adjustment limits are visualized.


Light Illumination Innovation : High Power LED Cold

Another highlight is high —power white light LED illumination. The advantage: No heat radiation by converting electrical energy into a focused white cone light. With this generation of machines hot chambers and the clammy hands associated with them are a part of past. The white light offers highest colour fidelity when looking through microscope. And it has an especially long service life of over 10,000 hrs.


High welding joints quality

It offers large weld penetration, minor deformation, pollution-free welding sites, easy and beautiful appearance, no need or just simple post-treatment.  It gives the strongest welds and high quality joints. This innovative system ensures superior quality while delivering 40-100% more output compared to existing TWB Welding Systems.

"ON AXIS" Inert Gas Supply

A safe "on axis" insert gas supply makes it possible to weld even highly sensitive materials such as titanium. The welding mark is always inundated with insert gas at 90 degrees by the "on axis" gas supply .The guarantees that no shadow effects arise as in lateral gas supply.


Beam Turner

The innovative beam turner technology guarantees stable power output , even at very low pulse enegry. Beneficial especially when welding very small parts. Depending on the application, spot size can be reduced less than 50 µ


enzo gas supply