Brand: OMAX
Product Code: DualBRIDGE

A configuration option for large-table JetMachining Centers and the only DualBRIDGE traction drive system in the waterejet industry! The DualBRIDGE System is a configuration option that allows the addition of a second Y-bridge to boost efficiency and flexibility. The system can be added to any new or existing 80X or 120X OMAX JetMachining Centers. With OMAX's DualBRIDGE System, two Y-bridges work independently from each other, significantly increasing machine capacity. The bridges can be programmed to produce separate components or can work in tandem to cut one large part. The system also boosts utilization rates, as cutting can be performed while materials are loaded and unloaded from the machine.

Standard Features

  • DualBRIDGE System makes use of OMAX Intelli-MAX Premium software, which is already installed on all OMAX JetMachining Centers
  • An operator can program the independent cutting heads to produce separate parts or work in tandem to cut one large part, significantly increasing the machine capacity
  • All existing OMAX accessories are fully compatible with the addition of a second Y-bridge
  • On OMAX machines, you can opt for touch screen monitors on the Y-bridges for easier access to computer controls


  • Eliminate down times & setup times: With a DualBRIDGE System you don’t need to stop cutting to load or unload material
  • Redundancy increases productivity: one bridge can continue cutting while the other undergoes annual inspection
  • Can use both bridges to cut one large part at the same time, greatly reducing cutting times
  • Small footprint: all the features of a second waterjet machine for the space of a pump
  • Acquire the fastest cutting configuration with multiple cutting heads and pumps on one machine